About this case

The student was concerned about a payment to a non-authorised agent who they said was never formally ‘engaged’ and therefore the education provider had no right nor obligation to pay any agent fee to.  

The student came to iStudent Complaints to resolve this issue as they were of the view that the education provider was favouring their agent and thereby breaching their obligations under The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice.

How we helped

Following deeper conversations with both the student and education provider, and after collecting further information, both parties agreed to mediation.

iStudent Complaints held a joint mediation session to allow the parties to discuss their perspective about the issue in dispute. The mediation highlighted strongly opposed views, with both sides discussing some of the behaviours that they had perceived. Agreement was reached to halt such behaviours in order to preserve the ongoing reputation of the student and the education provider.

During the mediation, the student and education provider agreed to close the mediation and proceed to adjudication, where iStudent Complaints can make a decision on the matter.

During the information gathering process for adjudication, the international student made an admission that the agent was ‘involved in my application to the [education provider].’ Through the submission of paper work, the international student admitted to signing “the offer of place from the [education provider]” which outlined the education provider’s mandate to deduct the appropriate fee to pay to the Agent who supported the international student’s application to enrol. 


The adjudicated final decision found in favour of the education provider.